Active Retiree and Golden Workers Gate (ActGo-Gate)

Due to demographic change, a new generation of older adults, ranging from about 50-75 years old, emerges and gains importance as the so called “Baby Boomers” enter this age group. This generation comprises mature workers, also denominated as golden workers, and active retirees, comprising people that exited the labour market yet are still active and engaged, as well as people being in the process in between. This group is faced by a redefinition of life structures. They disapprove traditional life phases, (education -> work -> retirement), and are concerned with a slower, gentle and self-determined transfer from working life into active retirement. Hence, part-time work, worklife balance and flexibility gain more and more importance.

These problems and opportunities are addressed by the project Active Retiree and Golden Workers Gate (ActGo-Gate). Its vision is to create an ICT based marketplace supporting entrepreneurship, self-fulfillment and social participation for golden workers and active retirees. The project aims to create a transferable model as gate for different occupation modules. The model builds on local social marketplaces (existing local communities or social network sites) that serve as a basis and starting point for developing three occupational modules in three different pilot regions.

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