Functionalities of existing integration

The ActGo-Gate platform is aimed at being a central intermediate for occupation and participation possibilities with a wide functionality coming from various connected modules (apps with separate offerings). It will be the first of its kind to provide a single point of access to a comprehensive range of occupational possibilities (voluntary, paid, task-based, project-based, etc.). The ActGo-Gate will offer tools for efficient transactional occupational operations (coordination of appointments, job searching and matching, customer feedback and quality assurance, documentation, reporting etc.), both for professional as well as informal activities. Therefore, the application will provide end users with easy access to this integrated gate and enable them to offer their skills, abilities and experiences to other community members or companies. 

A current version of the platform can be accessed via

ActGo-Gate platform has to meet a wide range of functional and non-functional requirements, that influence its final shape. They can be divided into five groups:

Functionality (capability to answer functional requirements, security / data safety, reusability)

Usability (same look & feel, good user guidance, responsive behaviour)

Reliability (stability, failure frequency, accuracy, actuality)

Performance (response times, resource consumption / efficiency)

Supportability (scalability, testability, ability to distribute, modularity, loose coupling)

The user interface provides necessary interfaces for managing user account, as well as for processes of registration and logging in. It contains all forms and dialog boxes that appeared during the realisation of the particular process.

The user interface also contains a rich informative section that will provide the necessary information about the gate itself, a promotional video as well as rich system documentation for users: user guide (a handbook), FAQ section etc. All the information should introduce the user into the system in a way that he or she will be able to use it without an assistance of the third party.      

Planned integration

The ActGo-Gate is built to be a solution that is an entry point for the search for occupation for Active Retiree and Golden Workers. Based on the location of the end user the platform can offer different modules and services that are available for the end users. In this way the platform allows an end user to search for the right offer. Depending on local availability different offers are included in the search.

In the project context, three specific services have been developed which are already part of the platform. Through the modules developed in the project context other services can be added in the platform in other regions. In addition, external modules and services will be included in the platform for other regions. To platform operator the platform offers the possibility of a further access to the end users to get.

The modules take over the tasks that are directly connected to the mediation of occupational activities. They have a specific type of module, a fixed geographical expansion as well as service or application-specific features. These definitions of the modules and services allow a connection and offer the possibility to find the different offerings in catalog. This classification of new applications and services allows a differentiation from the existing modules, applications, and services and thus offer a unique positioning.

Project Partners

For more information about the project partners please visit this page.