Project Partners

Alsterdorf assistenz ost as a subsidiary of the lutheran foundation Alsterdorf (Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf), Hamburg Alsterdorf was founded in 2005. The fundation offers special and professional social services and individual, inclusive solutions for different target groups to gain autonomy and overcome the barriers people with disabilities or needs for assistance when old have to deal with in our society. The target groups of end users are people with any kind of disability, mentally or physically, include older people with every kind of help needed and parents who lack basic facilities for educating their children. The social services contain every kind of support people want or need like housekeeping, babysitting, facility management, personal support, administration etc. There are a lot of skills, experiences and competences across the different companies at Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf and volunteers who enrich the professional system to develop services for people. In order to address its customers’ demands, aaost needs a special kind of employees, golden ager people who want to be busy and have got life experiences to do an excellent, flexible volunteer  job. Within the new offer LeNa, created by SAGA and aaost, supported by plietsch and cooperating with Machbarschaft, new associations for people who either give help or get help, aaost supports the finding of solutions for civil engagement and answers demographic and financial topics.

Founded in 2001, Benevol St. Gallen is a specialist unit for volunteer work. It’s a service provided by the Swiss Red Cross Canton St. Gallen and is dedicated to support and foster the work of volunteers.

Benevol St. Gallen has become well-known for having realized the first platform for voluntary and honorary services in Switzerland. The platform enables other specialist units for volunteer work (in other cantons) as well as associations, municipalities and other organizations to publish vacant positions for volunteers all over Switzerland in different categories. These voluntary assignments can be short term in the context of an event or long term depending on the job. The platform is publicly accessible at and currently offered in German and French. 

The Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen AG develops innovative business solutions for a variety of different industries. BEI has a strong track record in finding and implementing (software development and organizational implementation) solutions to practical problems through cross-enterprise and enterprise-research collaboration in so called Competence Centers, following the methodlogical approach of Business Engineering. For the last 1.5 years BEI has developed a productive prototype version of a service management platform, which aims at providing consumers with an individualized bundle of services to support their quality of life. This platform is based on a standard ERP system, which was extended to serve the specific needs of service intermediaries, and is interconnected with mobile solutions for older consumers and mobile apps for service providers. This productive prototype will be brought to the project, tested in the first pilot run and further developed according to the requirements derived from the iterative piloting.

Since 2001, clavis IT ag has concentrated on the development, implementation and integration of high-quality software solutions. The focus is on the mission-critical core processes of our customers. Broad technology competence, high implementation competence and comprehensive supervision competence form the basis for successful and secure software solutions. As a full-service provider, clavis IT offers everything from one source in web projects, from the consulting to the project handling, introduction and integration to the operation and maintenance of the system environments. In the domain of public and corporate volunteering, clavis IT and Benevol successfully cooperate since 2010.

The Entwicklungszentrum Gut altwerden GmbH is an independent development company, located in Sindelfingen, Stuttgart area. Our mission is to create and to bring to market innovative solutions, services and products to support organizations, companies, administration and people in how to handle the consequences of the demographic development. Especially we are running projects in the three areas: 1) Creating networks in communities and increasing the participation of its inhabitants; 2) Creating business models to support the citizens of communities with all kinds of services: 3) Creating programs to empower companies/ organizations as well as employees in the area of service orientation.

Our focus is to increase the quality of life for the individuals. GAW is organized in project structure and is cooperating with a notable number of qualified and well-known partners (experts, universities, scientific organizations, commercial and social enterprises). This mode of operation enables us to collect the optimum of expertise to run our projects with minimized overhead costs. Practical relevance is the main driver for the development process in all our projects.

The University of St. Gallen (HSG) is one of the top-ranked European business schools. It has constantly extended its network of exchange and cooperation agreements with internationally prominent business schools and universities in Europe, North and South America and Asia. In 1990, the University became a member of the CEMS. As the first German-speaking University, the University of St. Gallen has been accredited by the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) and since 2004 by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). The Institute of Information Management (IWI-HSG) at the University of St. Gallen was founded in 1989. The institute mainly conducts applied research in the field of information management and business models for the information age. It has excellent knowledge and experience in Business Networking, Business Models, Business-IT-Alignment, and Software Engineering.

The Wrocław University of Economics, Institute of Business Informatics (IBI) is engaged in research in information systems, software engineering and information technology. Being the largest Institute of this kind in Poland, the research reflects a wide range of staff and students' interests and includes: systems engineering and management, service science, e-business, artificial intelligence, decision support systems & business intelligence, knowledge management, effectiveness of IT investments, IS security, societal challenges, and e-government. Currently, the Institute’s main business domains for research include ambient assisted living, logistics, smart energy, and knowledge management. Research activities at WUE have strong international footprint stemming from earlier international appointments of some of its professorial staff (mostly Australia, France, and Germany). Currently the Institute of Business Informatics employs over 40 academic staff, including nine professors. It has four departments: Information Systems, Business Intelligence Systems, Information Technologies, Knowledge Management.

Project Funding

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