Project Scope

    ActGo-Gate inspires and enables people to get involved in social activities, voluntary work and micro-tasks by providing them with easy-to-use ICT-supported solutions. The aim is to increase transparency of demands and offerings in social marketplaces, allowing for flexible and self-determined participation. The efforts aim at strengthening social ties and mutual support as well as improving quality of life.

    Three occupational modules support different forms of social participation by older people and will be piloted within the project:

    • The “Serve the community” module enables customers to participate by offering their informal support to other community members (informal volunteering work).

    • The “Flexible occupation” module brings together local service providers with golden workers and active retirees, who want to engage in part-time jobs and occupations.

    • The “Get involved with organizations” module aims to bring together people for social projects, e.g. as part of corporate volunteering programs.

    Project Partners

    For more information about the project partners please visit this page.